Toorallie spring summer newsletter

  Good Morning,

This month marks the launch of our first spring summer range! We look forward to sharing this journey with you.

We hoped you enjoyed the last newsletter, we have included some more social media image options to celebrate the new collection. Not to forget, a fun fibre fact.

Have a great spring season!

Issue 003 – OCTOBER 2018


With Summer 2018 hitting stores this week we cannot wait to hear what your loyal customers think. Combining the two fibres has enabled us to offer the silky soft hero merino in a lightweight blend year round.

  Summer 2018  
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Fibre Facts

bamboo, how did a tree become a fibre?

The woody plant commonly known for its use in furniture and panda’s habitat dates back to the 1860’s as a textile. The earliest recordable patents show that Philipp Lichtenstadt discovered its ablity to be broken down to create a cellulose fibre in 1864.

Like merino it shares many of the same benefits. It is 100% biodegradable and It also shares antibacterial properties making it a great blend for the warmer months. 

The plant itself can regenerate to harvest height in just under a year and needs little to no chemicals to assist in its growth, meaning it is a friend to the soil and planet.

all of our SUMMER COLLECTION garments are MADE USING a blend 50/50 blend of bamboo and merino, knitted in a jersey stitch giving it the movablitity without any man made elastane, this allows the complete breakdown and no trace to be left. 





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