Fashion Glossary


Alchemy any process of transmuting a common substance, usually of little value, into a substance of great value.
Apparel clothing, especially outer garments; attire.

a covering or adornment.


Bamboo any of the woody or treelike tropical and semitropical grasses of the genera Bambusa, Phyllostachys, Dendrocalamus, and allied genera, having woody, usually hollow stems with stalked blades and flowering only after years of growth.
Bespoke custom-made. Said especially of clothes.

making or selling custom-made clothes: a bespoke tailor.

Bias an oblique or diagonal line of direction, especially across a woven fabric.

a line diagonal to the grain of a fabric, especially :  a line at a 45 degree angle.

Blend or Blends to mix or mingle (components) together thoroughly.
to mix (different grades or varieties of wool, cotton, silk etc.) to produce a blended fabric.
 Boyish  like a boy in shape.

displays physical characteristics and qualities that are reminiscent of a pre-pubescent 13-year-old boy.

Brand to label or mark with or as if with a brand.

to give a brand name to.

manufacturer gives it and under which it is sold.

a type of product made by a particular company.

Boutique a small shop or a small specialty department within a larger store, especially one that sells fashionable clothes and accessories.

a small retail shop that specializes in gifts, fashionable clothes, accessories.


Cashmere the fine, downy wool at the roots of the hair of the Kashmir goat.

a wool or cashmere fabric of plain or twill weave.

Casual appropriate for wear or use on informal occasions, not dressy.
Chic a classy, sophisticated manner.

stylishness, esp in dress, fashionable good taste.

adopting or setting current fashions and styles; sophisticated.

Classic of the first or highest quality or class.

of enduring quality or style

Collection or Collections the clothes or other items produced by a designer, especially for a seasonal line.
The spring collection.
Contemporary of the present time, modern.
Coordinates a set of articles, as of clothing, designed to match or complement one other, as in style or color.

to match.

articles of clothing, harmonisied in color, material, or style, designed to be worn or used together.

Cotton any of various shrubby plants of the genus Gossypium, having showy flowers and grown for the soft white downy fibers surrounding oil-rich seeds.

the fiber of any of these plants, used in making textiles and other products.

thread or cloth manufactured from the fiber of these plants.

Curvy or curves in the traditional sense, means having an ample bosom, trim waist, and round butt.

used to describe women who had large breasts, a small waist, and a big, shapely butt.

having a full, voluptuous figure.


Design or Designed to plan and fashion artistically or skillfully.
Directional of, relating to, or providing guidance or leadership.

which means something like “trendsetting”.

indicating the direction something, such as a fashion trend, might take.

Distinction a difference or contrast between similar styles.

an excellence that sets one brand or style apart from others.

Discerning showing good or outstanding judgment and understanding.


Edgy excessively defined.

innovative, or at the cutting edge, with the concomitant qualities of intensity and excitement.

Embroidery is the handicraft of decorating fabric or other materials with needle and thread or yarn.
Enduring Style of long lasting quality, or style
Enveloping to wrap up in or as in a covering.

to surround entirely.

Espadrille a flat shoe with a cloth upper, a rope sole, and sometimes lacing that ties around the ankle.
Essentials absolutely necessary.


fabric or fabrics any cloth made from yarn or fibres by weaving, knitting, felting.
Fabrication  the act or process of fabricating; manufacture.

to construct by combining or assembling diverse, typically standardized parts.

Fashion The prevailing style or custom, as in dress or behavior.

Fashion is a distinctive and often habitual trend in the style in which a person dresses.

Fashionable observant of or conforming to the fashion, stylish.

of, characteristic of, used, or patronized by the world of fashion.

current, popular.

fashionable topic of conversation.

conforming to the current styles or trends, stylish

adopting or setting current styles or trends.

Feminine or Femininity having qualities or appearance traditionally associated with women, especially delicacy and prettiness.

characterized by or possessing qualities traditionally attributed to women, such as demureness.

Fibre a natural or synthetic filament that may be spun into yarn, such as cotton or nylon.

cloth or other material made from yarn spun from natural or synthetic filaments.


 Garments  any article of clothing.


 Haute couture refers to the designing and making of high-quality fashion clothes, or to the clothes themselves.
High rise or higher rise or high waisted A high-rise or high-waisted garment is one designed to sit high on, or above, the wearer’s hips, usually at least 8 centimetres (3 inches) higher than the navel.
High street fashion High street fashion describes mass-market retail style – the sort of clothing you will find in the chain stores. The more cutting edge and directional a retailer is, the faster it will interpret designer fashions for the high street.
Hourglass having a notably slim or narrow waist.

well-proportioned with a small waist: an hourglass figure.




 Knitwear  clothing made of knitted fabric.


Label a brand or trademark, especially of a manufacturer of clothing.

a trademark or company or brand name on certain goods.

Layering the wearing of lightweight or unconstructed garments one upon the other, as to create a fashionable ensemble or to provide warmth without undue bulkiness or heaviness.
Legging or Leggings a tight-fitting, stretchable garment that covers the body from the waist to the ankle.
Lifestyle or Life style such attitudes, etc, regarded as fashionable or desirable.

suggestive of a fashionable or desirable lifestyle.

Linens Thread made from fibers of the flax plant.

Cloth woven from the fibers of the flax plant.

Low rise or Lower rise low rise is a style of clothing designed to sit low on, or below, the hips. The style can also be called lowcut, hipster.


Merino made of merino wool, yarn, or cloth.
Midi skirt mid-calf length.
Modal Modal is a natural fiber that is used to make yarn and fabric. It is typically used as a substitute for cotton. Modal is won from the bark of beech trees in a chemical process that results in a durable yet soft fiber. Modal fabric carries moisture away from the body and dries quickly, which is why it is typically used for garments worn close to the skin such as t-shirts, underwear, towels and bedsheets.
Mohair The long silky hair of the Angora goat.

Fabric or yarn made from the long silky hair of the Angora goat.


 Natural Fibres  which consists of animal and plant fibers such as,

Alpaca Angora Byssus Camel hair Cashmere Catgut Chiengora Guanaco Human hair Llama Mohair ashmina Qiviut Rabbit Silk Sinew Spider silk Wool Vicuña Yak

Abacá Bagasse Bamboo Coir Cotton Fique Flax Linen Hemp Jute Kapok Kenaf Piña Pine Raffia Ramie Sisal Wood

Noir of or relating to the film noir genre.

of or relating to a genre of crime literature featuring tough, cynical characters and bleak settings.

suggestive of danger or violence.


 On trend  very fashionable.

having characteristics which conform to current fashion trends.


Petite a garment size for short and slender women.

usually a woman, who is small-framed and, usually skinny.

Plus size a clothing size designed for people who are above the average size.
Polished Refined, cultured, elegant or sophisticated.

Having no imperfections or errors; well-executed; flawless.


 Quality  an inherent or distinguishing characteristic.

a property.

degree or grade of excellence.


 Romantic of, relating to, or characteristic of a style of fahion and art that subordinates form to content, encourages freedom of treatment, emphasizes imagination, emotion, and introspection, and often celebrates nature, the ordinary person, and freedom of the spirit.

of, relating to, or of the nature of romance, characteristic or suggestive of the world of romance.


Separates Usually, separates. women’s outer garments that may be worn in combination with a variety of others to make different ensembles, as matching and contrasting blouses, skirts, and sweaters.
Shape wear garments designed to mold or hold the body to a certain shape.
Silhouette The outline or general shape of a person.

The basic outline of the clothing on the body or the overall shape of the garment devoid of embellishment.

It’s about shape and outline.

Terms such as “hourglass” “pear” “apple” “bouffant” are some standard silhouette words commonly used.

Silk or Silks a fine lustrous fiber composed mainly of fibroin and produced by certain insect larvae to form cocoons, especially the strong, elastic, fibrous secretion of silkworms used to make thread and fabric.

thread or fabric made from this fiber.

a garment made from this fabric.

Statuesque a statuesque woman is big and tall, and stands straight.

(usually of a woman) tall and beautiful in an impressive way; like a statue.

like a statue, esp in possessing great formal beauty or dignity.

Straight accurately fitted.

a standard size.

style or styling in style, fashionable.

a mode of fashion, as in dress, especially good or approved fashion; elegance; smartness.

Sophisticated or Sophistication altered by education, experience etc. so as to be worldly-wise, not naive, a sophisticated person, ideas, tastes, manners, etc.

pleasing or satisfactory to the tastes of sophisticates, or people who are educated, cultured, and worldly-wise.

of, for, or reflecting educated taste, knowledgeable use, etc.

spectrum a broad range of varied but related ideas or objects, the individual features of which tend to overlap so as to form a continuous series or sequence
Sportswear clothes that are casually styled but acceptable for many business or social occasions.
Sumptuous entailing great expense, as from choice materials, fine work, etc.; costly.

luxuriously fine or large; lavish; splendid.

expensive or extravagant.

of a size or splendor suggesting great expense; lavish.

Sustainable conserving an ecological balance by avoiding depletion of natural resources.


tailored having simple, straight lines and a neat appearance.

in a simple or plain style with fitted lines.

Texture or Textures a structure of interwoven fibers or other elements.

the distinctive physical composition or structure of something, especially with respect to the size, shape, and arrangement of its parts.

the appearance and feel of a surface.

Timeless that which is not affected by the passage of time or changes in fashion.

versatile and flexible to wear for a multitude of occasions and seasons.

serve as the foundation of your outfit.

Touch point Touch point (also touch point, contact point, point of contact) is business jargon for any encounter where customers and business engage to exchange information, provide service, or handle transactions.
Trend or Trends fashion mode.

the popular taste at a given time.

the latest and most admired style in clothes.


Unadorned without adornment or embellishment; simple or plain.

not decorated; plain.

Unique without equal or unparalleled.

very remarkable or unusual.

unstructured without formal structure or systematic organization.

without a preformed shape, loose. untailored.

Urban urban fashion also known as Hip hop fashion, is a distinctive style of dress originating from African American youth on the scene of New York City, Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago, Philadelphia among others. Each city contributed various elements to its overall style seen worldwide today. Urban fashion has changed significantly during its history, and today, it is a prominent part of popular fashion as a whole across the world and for all ethnicities.


Voile a thin, plain-weave, semitransparent fabric of cotton, wool, or silk.
 Versatile capable of or adapted for turning easily from one to another of various styles.

having many different uses.

can be used for many different purposes.


Washes Acid Wash, Dirty Wash, Vintage Wash, Classic Wash, and many more.

the process by witch a pair of jeans are faded or have their colour altered.

 Wool the dense, soft, often curly hair forming the coat of sheep and certain other mammals, such as the goat and alpaca, consisting of cylindrical strands of keratin covered by minute overlapping scales and much valued as a textile fiber.

fabric or yarn made of this hair.



Yarn or Yarns thread made of natural or synthetic fibers and used for knitting and weaving.

spun thread used for knitting, weaving, or sewing.


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