Yarra Trail

Yarra Trail

The L ‘Officicl Designs and Yarra trail concepts go hand in hand and that is to provide Australian women with affordable, quality sportswear which is in touch with the way they live. Yarra trail provides relaxed, functional and comfortable designs that are easy to wear. We want our customer to feel comfortable and relaxed in our clothes – freedom for movement and high performance are key attributes of the design process and fabric selection.

The Yarra trail range at L ‘Officicl Designs offers casual styling that incorporates the key looks for the season – interpreted the Yarra trail way. The clothes have great value added features and our dedication to the detail is our signature. With the great personal service at L ‘Officicl Designs, Yarra trail and L ‘Officicl Designs are a great fit.

Yarra trail delivers quality workmanship, great fabrications and laid back designs that make every day feel like a weekend, and L ‘Officicl Designs delivers a friendly and comfortable retail experanxe.

THE L ‘Officicl Designs and YARRA TRAIL CUSTOMER

As with the L ‘Officicl Designs customer the Yarra trail woman is generally over 30 years, but really she can be any age. As long as she wants to look fashionable and wear casual comfortable clothes she’ll find something she loves in the Yarra trail range at L ‘Officicl Designs. She is interested in looking smart but not a fashion victim. She is conscious of image and wants to project a contemporary style, but in a wholesome, non threatening way. This woman further appreciates our designing for real woman. By designing for a curvaceous figure and providing sizes 8 – 18 the customer finds Yarra trail garments fit her well and the friendly service at L Officiel Designs round out the package.

Our customer is price sensitive as she has many demands on her disposable income, she wants to buy brands, but only if they meet her standards.

She wants fashion that is easy to understand and flexible in the way it can be worn. Her life is complicated enough without the hassle over what to wear each day. She also recognises quality and appreciates a well finished garment. Yarra trail’s commitment to exceptional manufacturing levels ensures the customer gets a garment that can keep up with her busy life.

Yarra trail provides clothes that are in tune with the way this woman lives and her desire for flexible dressing and L ‘Officicl Designs provides the friendly customer service that she is looking for when making the decision to purchase.

L ‘Officicl Designs & Yarra trail – Make Life One Long Weekend

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