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Toorallie remains an Australian owned and operated brand specialising in producing the highest quality merino apparel. The merino fibre remains the cornerstone of the brand and the life passion of everyone involved past and present.

In 2005 the younger generation of the Smith family decided to revitalise the Toorallie brand. This was achieved by entering into partnership with Quality Softwools Australia Pty Ltd. The brand has now successfully re-established itself in traditional local markets, with Toorallie garments now supplied to L’Officiel Designs.

By 2011 Toorallie was ready to look for new opportunities for the brand. The first was the development of its own bespoke merino content woven fabrics to complement the knitwear collection. These fabrics have been crafted with the cooperation of our international manufacturing partners to enable the construction of premium quality easy care merino content garments to complement the existing knitwear.

With the successful launch of Toorallie’s merino content denim, shirting, t-shirts and hosiery, Toorallie is now starting to fully realise the brands true potential. Toorallie today delivers its customers a head-to-toe merino wardrobe experience. No other brand in the world produces such a diverse range of apparel garments with merino at its core.

In the modern age of sustainable existence we at Toorallie consider the merino fibre and the garments it can product as more relevant than at any time since our forefathers established the breed. Wool is renewable, long lasting and insulating providing real benefits for its wearer and the world we all live in.

Today the Toorallie brand’s focus is to deliver the highest quality merino garments that are modern day, practical and simply fashionable, incorporating a merino yarn, which without exception, exceeds our customer expectation. To see a great range of Toorallie’s merino garments go to L’Officiel Designs.

Our Merino

The Australian Merino

Toorallie sources only the finest Australian merino wool for its knitwear garments. Merino’s have been specifically breed for over 150 years for attributes that produce the finest and softest wool of any sheep.

Australian farmers maintain a flock of approximately 70 million sheep. Over recent years this flock has been reduced from almost 180 million, mainly due to the attractive price differential for sheep meats over wool. However, skilled selective breeding of the remaining merino portion of the flock has achieved continual improvement for softness and quality.

The merino sheep has demonstrated over the years, a remarkable ability to adapt to the Australian environment; from the heat and dryness of our arid zone to the cold and wet of our mountains. Fine wool is produced mainly in the northern and southern tableland areas of New South Wales, the western and southern districts of Victoria and the midlands of Tasmania.



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