MacjaysWith the release of AW 15 Unexpected Expectations we have signalled a new beginning at Macjays. We have transitioned from a trusted pant company with heritage to a modern lifestyle brand in pursuit of a more fashionable image. Macjays design philosophy reflects a minimal contemporary looks while blending femininity with busy lifestyles. Jo draws inspirations from the modern world and her home town of Porto where premium natural fibres, soft layering pieces and minimalist style is key.

Both L ’Officiel Designs and Macjays customer are women 35 plus who have busy lives, disposable income, and a desire to wear easy versatile pieces and portray modern femininity. Women who value Macjays heritage and essential classic pieces. Macjays Essentials is easily combined with Noir to complete many feminine looks. Over the past 35 years customers have remained loyal to Macjays fashion and in particular their pants due to the fit, style and fabrics being second to none. Get your Macjays fashions at L ’Officiel Designs today.



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