LysseThe Lysse Story
Women are changing the world. Following their hearts. Living their dreams.

Lyssé pronounced Lis-say, is a twist on the french word meaning smooth. Lyssé was born out of the idea that clothes should be as limitless and comfortable as the women who inspire them. So Lysse sought out the most innovative, high performing fabrics and started designing from the inside out.

Lysse started with our founder Beth Gold Cohen, who was determined to solve real wardrobe issues for real women by creating the perfect legging. Her vision inspired a way of dressing where style, fit, and fabric work together.

We were relentless, creative, demanding that every piece with the Lyssé label not only fit but also feel better than anything on the market. Our collections must be as flexible and resilient as the women who wear them.

We invented patent pending fabrics that hold you close, accentuating curves while minimizing distractions. We sewed them with tailoring that’s as smart as it is flattering. Flatlocked seams that lie flat and stay comfortable all day. Cut on the bias. Draped to perfection. The result is a truly amazing line of shapewear that has been received with great adulation from women of all sizes and ages, making it a must-have in every wardrobe.

We designed Lyssé to be pure joy to wear. To look and feel as good at 7 am as it does at 7 pm. To work as well with flats as it does with heels. Because when your clothes embrace you with the same passion as you embrace life, there’s nothing you can’t do. Lyssé is a shapewear line catered to women of all ages, sizes and shapes. The collections appeal to a wide range of women who value comfort, style and a well designed garment.

Expand your wardrobe and look and feel good in your own pair of Lysse’s perfect legging from L ’Officiel Designs.

Lyssé. Performance. Inspired. Fashion.



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