alchemistAccording to myth, alchemists had the power to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary through  the process of alchemy. Like those mysterious scientists, Alchemist combines different elements to create a special and striking synthesis, something that surpasses its individual components. Founder Caroline Mewe believes fashion and ethical business practices to be equally important. Alchemist’s mission is to combine high-fashion with an ethical lifestyle.

Caroline Mewe creates the kind of clothes that she likes to wear. Beautiful designs that are not just functional but aesthetically beautiful as well taking you from desk to dinner from bike to car; comfortable items that will become your favourite wardrobe pieces instantly. Alchemist aims to make a woman feel confident and give that extra enchanting touch.

Chemistry only starts when different elements interact and according to their mission made with respect for people and nature. See the chemistry of Alchemist at L ‘Officiel designs.



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